Ideas Become Things

The Woman You Loved.

I pray for the day my heart no longer stings when I hear your name.


Gravitating past the delight to somehow being all that love can be.


Unconditional love is what you received and it showed you what you one day deserve when you learn to accept love.


The kind of love I'll one day receive in return.


This love showed me all I can be and the lessons brought me triumph moments that surpassed on by like the wind through my hair.


Nights I sat up thinking that I was wrong for giving my all. I had to come to this moment of understanding that what you told me was true.


It was you, fore you needed me to help you when you were jaded.


I close my eyes and smile that we're soulmates in the forms of a lesson.


A lesson that took us both far too long to master.


I've mastered my pieces of self that grow to heights to a better self you'll soon see.


I wish you the best of luck, promise not to forget me.


The woman you loved but brought you a lesson.

Ashlie Cathryn