Ideas Become Things

The Leo And The Gemini

You said you finally found your balance because you were busy fucking all these Libras. Then your balance crumbled when you found a woman strong enough to over go seas for ya.


They call her the lioness the Queen, the one that hunts and protects for ya.


But your two sided undivided Gemini ways made you sit and constantly contemplate why the loyalty and love is so strong, well Baby....


A woman who isn't  and won't ever be scared to test your abilities, the only consistent piece of sweet serenity you have.


A Wife! A home away from home.

You see the past six years with you make me see you different.


A partna, my wingman, my best friend, my man *woogity woogity*


Just like Rihanna says, " I'm to hip to hop around town out here with ya" except that's how I feel about these other niggas, not you.


And you see your my King, a lover caressed around my entire body. You never would've thought little shorty from room 332 Eastern Low Rise would be the one.


Make you smile when you least expect it.


I promise when you get those ducks in a row, the questioning will stop inside that mental of yours.


You see she's been cookin' too. She's fierce, playful, witty, loving and your ultimate smart-ass. Mama knows you like that.


That's the difference, she's the woman for you. Oh what's that? Lemme upgrade you.


Your Leo.

Ashlie CathrynComment