Ideas Become Things

Set Me Free

From this way of life. These attachments , these emotions. I feel the sorrow against your chest when you inhale your oxygen, a piece of me molds with you as we breathe in-sync.


Traces of my hands dances down your spine with a grip of embodiment that linger up towards your life line. My life line. My hand trembles with the thought of you leaving.


As my fingertips make an abrupt turn around the mountain steep of your curvaceous ear lopes. Our faces become closer and closer with a sense of certainty. Your forehead touches mine and I look into my equals eyes.


My body begins to sink into the quicksand of your pupils as they dilate in the pool of sand which drops me quicker. Why am I moving so fast I grip the hairs on the back of your neck and you don't seem to be letting go.


That's right, pull me up in your arms, I wanna be there. My heart feel quite heavy like the cement we placed our hands in. Just when I catch a glimpse of reassurance in your smile, your shining white teeth blind me with a glare and before you know it...


This grip is lost. Staring out at this open hilltop the clouds paint your name and the wind carries your voice as it whistles. I chuckle at the thought of you but clench my heart tight. You're my soulmate and I'll wait til you boomerang back.

Ashlie Cathryn