Ideas Become Things

A Boyfriend Vs A Man

You see a BOYFRIEND is someone who gives you butterflies. While a MAN has the power to open a whole universe.


A BOYFRIEND will take you out on dates and offer you not to be shy when you order, you see a MAN will feed your mental to all sorts of directions.


Makes you think, a BOYFRIEND will text you Good Morning and Good Night while a MAN has prioritized his agenda for you to meet him at the next destination.


Destination of building a force. A force of love that capitalizes on growth.


A BOYFRIEND will make you feel small for pursuing your life dreams because babygirl he was never meant to feed to those dreams of yours. A MAN will pull up aside you in your dreams and ask you, "what took you so long?"


I beggin my priorities that I ever let a BOYFRIEND attempt to love me. A MAN will not only create love for a woman but be her love. With the most compassion by grabbing her by her neck and not making love to her when he kisses her but making a woman forget whose air she's breathing.


A BOYFRIEND will be by your side as long as he sees something he can get in return. A MAN will be by your side and never leave your side for the better. The betterment of you baby girl because his ultimate goal is to lift you up to heights, higher than Adam helped Eve reach the apple from the tree.


A BOYFRIEND will say you look pretty today and A MAN won't forget the moment he laid his eyes on her and know he's met his other, his woman, his everything and make you his achievement of love

the best love

to ever come aside from his mother.

Ashlie Cathryn4 Comments