Ideas Become Things

The Close Out

Peace to you Twenty-Seventeen.

A quarter century is where this year has landed me.


I can say all the cliche things that you expect to hear.

"The growth, the laughs, the love, the wins, the life I breathe this very moment."

Truth is this year wasn't a easy one.

I've changed and absolutely nothing is wrong with that.

Lots of things were stripped from me.


Love, my dignity, confidence, money, time.

But I made a vow to never reach a low so far gone again.


Struggle, without it we never really see our complete worth. That's the make it or break it within you.


Change, is inevitable, so why do people tend to gravel away from it? It's because change, has no consistency. 

We all want consistency. You can keep the consistency with your mental though.


Perspective, is the attitude toward, or a point of view.

If we all have a new viewpoint your lows can become your high and never lead you to a detrimental stage in your growth again.


Tribulations, can cause great misery but its the fluctuation and variation you pay attention to.


I will never, I will never, regret a lesson chosen for me. The years may be hard but the days create prosperity. So dear Twenty-seventeen you were good to me. I accept the heartache, the growth, the love, the money, the struggle, the bliss and I welcome my next chapter.


Peace to you.


Ashlie CathrynComment