Ideas Become Things


I am a woman.

With a soul to pure heart'd it'll make you question your own intentions.


My brown sugar colored shea moistured, coconut oiled enhanced picture perfect softness


My lips, my eyes, my hands, my ass, you feel this entitlement to claim they're yours.


No, No!


I will never a day in my life give my pieces of me to another to proclaim. So baby boy..


I love your courage, but you see here nevertheless you haven't come across a woman so caring and consistent with love in your life before.




Baby boy my parts drip into the mold of your mouth when your tongue reaches mine.




You grip this ass like a milly rock and press me against your pelvis.

Baby boy although I can not be a hypocrite for I allow these emotions to stay embedded within my head its a entitlement.


Until the day we mutually build up a stronger mental, you can keep that entitlement shit to yourself.


You see my beautiful black man, I'm not here to shame you for I love the hands and the passion you give.


But to be one we must stimulate one another.

And make this entitlement our own.

Ashlie Cathryn