About Me

b. 1986, HK.

Never apologize for who you’re becoming.

Live to create.


My name is Ashlie Cathryn this is a journey, a journey of lessons,thoughts and experiences from me to you. Becoming closer to myself as I grow. My seeds are forever spreading. I want to be alive, I must find me.The writing that will be shared on the page is to give self-awareness along with intention of self-help through clarity and moments. I've recently become more infatuated with the way words and sounds blend together. Being able to step outside of the grey in the picture and really hone in on the colors you never noticed before. I hope you enjoy yourselves and find a new free form of yourself through my writing and audibles.You're never to far from your destiny. Create a timeline with yourself and follow through. Peace and Love.   


God: I would like to give thanks to the man above. Who has opened my eyes wide enough through life's temptations and tribulation, I'm tested with. My attempt is not to get everyone to fall a particular way with religion but to recognize there is a greater power above. Through faith and time God has given me enough courage to deliver these pieces of peace from me to you. When you're afraid affirm in your trust in God and he will be there! 

Visuals: I'd like to thank Danny (IG- @drvisuals_) for some of the lovely photographs he blessed me with on my page!   


Tap and Scroll through. Peace & Love.

I’ve recently felt the warmth within my heart gradually vacate, it has become frigid. I had to remind myself not to mirror off emotions others have shown me while continuing to ascend that love higher than before.
— Ashlie Cathryn